In this community,

We want all of our #SavvyFamily to win at their taxes! We want to foster a safe space to ask your financial questions and learn tax strategies so that you can build wealth for you and your family.

We have a goal to save you all $1 Billion in tax savings so no savings is too small!

I want you to feel comfortable asking any tax or financial related questions here. I promise that if I do not know the answer, I will get you to someone that does… building generational wealth is important to me so I will have many resources available to you!


  • There is absolutely NO rude responses to ANY questions – be RESPECTFUL
  • Keep posts tax and financial in nature – ask about all things taxes, accounting
  • I do not have many rules, but the ones listed are important to keep the group focused on my mission – To help our #SavvyFamily win at their taxes!!

Why Is this community important?

This community is important to me because frankly I do not think that we talk about taxes enough and this fact leads to the Black community over paying more in taxes than any other community.

I want us ALL to build wealth and I believe everyone can do so by learning some tricks and tips as they pertain to their taxes.

Also, I love all things taxes and want to share this with my #SavvyFamily

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Who is this community for?

  • Individuals and small business owners who want to learn more about finances and taxes

  • Anyone dealing with tax issues and want to get help from a real CPA

  • Anyone who makes money and could use some additional tax savings

Who is this community not for?

  • This community is NOT for people who expect to get some get rich quick schemes

  • People who think they do not need to file taxes for whatever reasons

  • People who want to sit back and learn new strategies but take no action and then complain that they are not seeing any changes

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Benefits of joining this community?

  • You will understand the tax code better

  • You will learn tax strategies and how to implement them correctly

  • You will be surrounded by other #SavvyFamily members who are building wealth through tax savings like you are

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What Our #SavvyFamily members are saying…


No, while I am a CPA, and I created this group, I am not YOUR CPA and all the information in this community is made for educational purposes only! It is not directed towards your specific situation

As a CPA, I adhere to strict guidelines and the main one of those is that we can not engage in client relations without a signed engagement letter and collection of payment for services.

Again, there is no tax advice given in the free group, you will find educational resources in here and if you want solutions to your specific scenario, we will have to have a consultation to assess your specific circumstances.

No, that is NOT suggested at all. Remember that general guidance is no replacement for customized professional help. The information you hear here should be taken to your tax professional and used to incorporate into your current tax plan to be the best for you.

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